We Listen, Speak, Read & Write

Literacy skills are critical
Children who are nurtured to love books are able to read, write, speak and listen better. That’s why our library is well stocked with English, Chinese and Malay books to allow your child to adopt a good reading habit.
We teach using graded phonetic materials. We will guide children from shared reading/writing to independent reading/writing using a carefully selected range of fiction and non-fiction graded English books.
Children are taught Mandarin in a fun-filled environment where graded Chinese vocabulary is taught through stories and songs. We provide at least an hour of fully Mandarin-speaking class daily. This approach will help prepare your child to enter Chinese school with great ease and confidence.
Bahasa Melayu
Children are introduced to Suku Kata, which is the basic skill to prepare them for reading Bahasa Melayu. We use carefully selected activity books that are in accordance with the preschool curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.