Montessori & Us

Montessori & Us

Practical Life – The Skills of Daily Living

Young children are always eager to imitate adults. Montessori’s Practical Life programme links learning to aspects of daily life when a child first enters preschool.

Sensorial – Exploring the World

The world is full of colours, sizes, shapes, forms, sounds, tastes and smells. A child’s world is a world of the senses. Montessori sensorial materials help children continue their creative development, enabling them to clarify, classify, and comprehend their world.

Language – From Spoken to Written

The Montessori preschool classroom emphasizes spoken language as the function for all linguistic development. Throughout the entire Montessori environment, your child hears and uses precise vocabulary for all the activities, learning the names of textures, geometric shapes, composers, plants, mathematical operations, etc.

Mathematics – From Concrete To Abstract

Preschoolers have natural mathematical minds. They have the capacity to reason, calculate, and estimate. Montessori mathematical materials allow these sensorial explorers to begin their mathematical journey from the concrete to the abstract through manipulation, experimentation, and invention.
Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, although not part of Montessori, will be introduced to children aged 5 and above. A textbook- and CD-ROM-based Mathematics programme introduces children to the various methods of learning mathematics.

Cultural – Expanding the Boundaries of the Classroom

Through Montessori cultural materials, your child is involved in individual activities that gradually help him to acquire more detailed knowledge in biology, geography, history and science. The child needs to know his environment, culture and society to get him ready for his lifelong journey ahead.