We Construct, Play & Learn

Block Building

Children experiment with their own ideas – growing, learning and developing skills in the process. When playing with blocks, children learn about math and science concepts; acquire problem solving and oral language development skills, which help gross motor development and classification skills.

Physical Education

When children walk, tumble, roll, run, jump, stretch and bend, they are actually developing major muscle groups and discovering the capabilities and limitations of their bodies. Movements allow children to express their moods and emotions. Learning motor skills helps children develop a sense of control, helping them to foster a positive outlook in life.

Music and Movement

The Music and Movement class opens a world of discovery and adventure for children. They help children develop literacy, listening, problem-solving, social skills, self-esteem, and music appreciation. All these happen in an energy-charged environment that’s packed with imagination, music, dance, and fun!

Sand & Water Play

Sand & Water Play lets children interact in an open-ended manner. They learn about science and mathematics from pouring water into and measuring it in containers.


Here, children are actively involved in all kinds of activities, drawing knowledge from all areas of the curriculum and putting them together for use in structured ways. Many of the activities have self-correcting answers with opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Creative Art

Through art, children are able to explore and discover the world around them. Children use art to experience, explore, and experiment. In the process, they discover ideas, creativity and the joy of overcoming obstacles.